The Fund for Encouragement of Israeli Labor – General Background
The Fund for Encouragement of Israeli Labor is an Israeli company operating a unique and different project in Israel the objective of which is encourage Jews and those eligible by the Law of Return to make Aliyah to Israel. The Fund was founded in order to offer options for integration for those same Jews who have doubts as to whether to come to Israel which include, amongst others, an appropriate source of livelihood and a good employment solution for Israeli employers who are crying out for permanent and reliable manpower. The company combines the values of free enterprise, Hebrew labor and fulfilling Zionism.

Our experience: Immigration as a result of employment
The Fund was founded by an Israeli entrepreneur who knows the Israeli and global job market well and has international financial and commercial projects under his belt as well as unique work options on student visas. Alongside his broad business activity, he decided to create a special track for those eligible for Aliyah to Israel, which offers encouragement and incentive to immigrate by means of a place of employment and the encounter that he can supply with the Israeli experience.

The principal industries in which we offer employment
The Fund is based on a unique model which could attract to Israel numerous Jewish young people from the world over. The main principle is to offer every Aliyah candidate a place of work in Israel including a good quality livelihood, housing and food expenses and an abundance of complementary conditions on account of the employer or with a small symbolic personal contribution. In some of the work places the employees are offered professional training at the start of their employment for the purpose of easy absorption as well as a promotion track by means of higher learning and advanced professional training in the professions of the industry. Each Aliyah candidate will be invited to choose the work suitable for him from the supply of jobs only in the industry of his choice; there is no restriction or demand for the various and diverse fields of work in the Israeli economy; the emphasis is that any individual can work in the field of work that is suitable for him or that he aspires to integrate into.


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